Strand² Squared Online Learning Academy

Registration Begins: January 1, 2020 Courses Begin: in March 2020

Victim Advocacy Certification Course
45-hour course
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Myra Strand

This course will cover:  Crime Victims’ Rights, the Civil system, the Criminal system, Applied Intersectionality, Implicit bias, Psychophysiological Response to trauma, Complex trauma, Human, Centric, Trauma Informed Care, Advocacy: roles and responsibilities, Advocates toolbox, After-Care, Navigating partnerships and Beyond vicarious trauma.

Successful graduates will be eligible at minimum for the NACP Provisional Credential and possibly for the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Credential based upon their experience in the field.
Please click here to the NACP site for more information.

Trauma Informed Response and Care
20- hour course
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Myra Strand

Learn how to implement human centric, trauma informed services.

Safety Planning and Lethality Assessment
For crisis interventionists and advocates
8- Hours
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Sarah Young Patton

Safety Planning is a skill set that needs to be both individualized and creative. This course could save lives.

Death Notification and Support for 24/7/365
For crisis interventionists and advocates
Course Syllabus (Coming Soon)
Instructor: Kim Messina

Letting someone know that they have lost a very important person to them is a delicate skillset that may take hours to complete with compassion. Learn how to provide this essential service through a Human Centric Lens.

Coming soon:
D.I.D: serving people who have dissociative identity disorder

Human Sex Trafficking: A closer look

Mitigating Organizational Trauma

#mentoo: Male Victims of Sexual Assault

Implicit Bias and Applied Intersectionality

Serving Victims with Developmental Disabilities

40 hour 24.7.365 crisis interventionist course
Part 1 and Part 2

All courses qualify for accreditation from the NACP.