Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired Leadership


What you will learn:
Being a leader in an organization whose mission is to help people who have experienced trauma can be incredibly difficult. Variables like vicarious trauma, demoralization, overextended staff/ volunteers, unrealistic expectations…. all create an environment that is prone to organizational trauma and toxic culture.

A trauma-informed, healing inspired agency is possible only if leadership is able to be safe, transparent, trustworthy working through established policies and procedures and through institutionalized employee professional wellness.

☞Using the SAHMSA model, the Arc Model and the Sanctuary Models as frameworks, this workshop will take step by step plan towards becoming a trauma-informed organization.

☞We will also explore the symptoms of organizational trauma and ways in which we can mitigate its toxic downfall.

☞We will discuss how to incorporate a healing informed paradigm- how do we proceed daily regrouping and regrowing?

☞Finally- we will look at strategies to transform trauma and engage in systems change/ improvement.

The 20 hour curriculum is approved for CEC by the National Advocate Credentialing Program to include

-Discuss how to implement human centric, trauma informed and healing inspired paradigms?
-Offer tangible ways you can be trauma informed and trauma inspired
-Explore implicit bias and applied intersectionality
-Present how vulnerability and courage can be used to allow for true humanity
-Discuss evaluation matters
-Learn about mitigating on-going storms
-Explore how to survive without being eaten alive
-Discuss the possibility of changing the world: systems change

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Lead Instructor: Myra Strand

This course is “drop-in” so you can enter at any time!  When you register, you will receive an email directly from Myra Strand within 72 hours.  You will schedule a time to meet with her via zoom in order to conduct the course orientation (unless you need to use another platform due to zoom limitations).  After the orientation, you have 6 weeks to date to complete the course on your own time.

*Pre-approved for CEUs for both Civilians and Military Advocates
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There is a 15% Military Discount.
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