Start Today: Everyday Use: Common Ways Computers Contribute to Sexual Victimization


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This course will discuss common ways computers are used to contribute to sexual victimization.

-To sociologically describe the changes in dating norms
-To critically examine porn and its relationship to crime
-To analyze online gaming and its relationship to crime
-To explore how “Sexting” often contributes to failed cases
-To view the technological world through the lens of child crime
-To explore solutions for advocates, investigators and prosecutors

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In October of 1969, a UCLA student sent the letters “L” and “O” electronically a little over 350 miles.  The effort lead to a system crash but also marked the birth of the internet. Since its birth over 50 years ago, the internet has changed the world irrevocably.  People are using digital tools to solve problems, enhance their lives and improve their productivity.  There are countless benefits and the human experience is undoubtably improved.

However, this great experiment has also had some unintended negative consequences.  Pornography represents 35% of all internet downloads and the vast majority of accessed porn is toxic embracing scripts that often include: male dominance, power over dynamics, violent sexual acts, strangulation, “very young” and is most often sex without soul.  Online gaming is a slow growing occupation that is literally changing the neurobiological landscape of our children’s minds where often cyberbullying and microaggressions are normalized within very sexist story lines.  People are mating through online dating and our system has not yet adjusted to a very different set of norms.  5G offers many protections and increases access to technology to some of the darker spaces.  Stalkers now have access to countless new, easy and affordable technologies that make stalking so much more effective.

This course will provide a new perspective on the different ways that common computer use often contributes to sexual violence and ways in which we can intervene.

As responders, we have a responsibility to “catch up” to the common technology that is used to facilitate sexual violence.  This is a 10 hour course that consists of:
– Three pre-recorded drop in and on demand webinars
– Supplemental reading and additional resources
– One written exercise
– A Pre/Post test
– One Live Session

Warning:  Adult content, this course is rated R.

Note: our technology can capture detailed analytics of participant participation for reporting purposes.
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