Tools and Field Support

➣We choose to use the words “Human-centric response and care” because we seek to take trauma informed care to another level, we seek to place an emphasis on the inherent “humanity” of the work that we are doing and because there is more than trauma and trauma response to consider.

➣We don’t use the term “victim-centric” because we believe that respect, dignity and compassion should be offered to all clients in a neutral non-judgmental manner to include suspects and offenders.

➣We use the word “client” over consumer, victim, survivor or thriver because it is a simply stated and honest word. The humans we serve are at many phases of their healing and may start as a victim and end as thriver.

➣Please look over the following tools, we would like your feedback. Also, feel free to use any or all of the tools listed here.

This section of our website compliments the courses we offer. We know that sometimes you need a place to come to help you remember what you have learned. We anticipate this space growing and shifting as our academy grows and shifts. Please let us know if there is research we can do for you!