Virtual Learning

We can tailor any of our trainings into virtual learning packages for your organization, agency or group.
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We can offer “Live -Webinars

In the Live-Webinar setting, there is an established time where we will all come together and the presentation is “live”. These webinars can be tailored to your unique communities needs and on any topic that we provide. The benefits of Live- Webinars is the opportunity for dialogue. The challenge of Live is time. We are all working with a complicated lives and it is not always easy to log in at a certain time. Flexibility seems to be the word of the day. We use Adobe Connect, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for the Live Webinars.

We can “Record Webinars” making them on-demand

We can record a webinar and provide to you a link for you to share with your community over a span of time. These webinars can be tailored to your unique communities needs and on any topic that we provide. The benefits of “recorded” webinars is that your community is able to view the webinar “on their own time” and they like that on-demand option. That is invaluable at time like this.

We can also offer data: who logged in? who completed the webinar? Where are they from? The challenge of recorded- it is recorded and there is no dialogue. We are able to offer a follow up zoom for Q&A to meet this challenge. We use a combination of Adobe Connect and Adobe Event for the recorded webinars. We offer follow up live Q&As after.

We can offer “deep dive on-demand courses”

These courses are “deep dives on-demand” because they look more like college courses. Students will enter a virtual classroom with a structured course that includes: reading peer reviewed articles, discussions, board discussions, exploring popular culture, videos, lectures from both the Strands and guest instructors and compelling assignments that are “graded” and there is a “back and forth” with each of your students to ensure quality learning.

The benefits of the “deep dive courses” is that each student receives hands on, 1:1 to instruction and dialogue. The challenges of this method is that it requires that it is dated 3-4 months out as it is very popular and there is a waiting list. Our OnDemand platform is very easy and assessable- it allows us to house recorded webinars within.

Build your own package!

You can create a learning package that best suits your community!We have created packages that include any combination of the elements above! Any of our “in-person” trainings can be incorporated into virtual learning.

For example:
➣One of our groups participated in three webinars followed by 15 hours of on-demand.

➣Another group participated in 10 hours of on-demand for their entire agency in order to “get on the same page”.

➣One organization participated in one webinar a week for four weeks.

The possibilities are endless!
To brainstorm your perfect training package-

NOTE: we have a lot of really smart friends and partners who will help us with topics beyond our scope. We can make it happen!