Each community has different characteristics and different needs. We are dedicated to partnering with you to meet those needs through tailored training. We also place a high priority on providing human centric, trauma informed, and healing inspired services- thus customer service is very important to us.  We are your partners!❤️

All of our presentations can be:
☞90 minutes (for a broad stroke, to plant seeds or for inspiration)
☞3.5 hours (for a more solid understanding)
☞6.5 hours (for a more working understanding)
☞8+ hours (for a deep dive and comprehensive understanding)
☞We also offer full courses (20-45 hours)


We can tailor training to meet the unique needs of your community or your event.  Let’s brainstorm and see if what you need is possible within our wheelhouse or if we have a partner who may have what you need.


All of our courses, including the 45 hour crime victim advocates course, meet the requirements for the  National Advocate Credentialing Program  through the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) for both Civilian and Military Advocates.

Training Topics Available

On-demand training