Do you want to bring Myra to your community?

Are you planning a conference or an event? Would your team and/or community benefit from additional training to inspire conversation or evolution?  Myra is partially available to travel.  

to see what we currently offer.  

Is there something you need, but it is not listed?  With enough lead time, we are happy to do the research in order to build and tailor training for you. Many of these training compliment each other and may create a great training series.

-Myra is available, with enough lead time, to travel for an in-person training, series of trainings, daylong workshop or keynote lecture.

-Myra is able to provide training virtually.  She has her own zoom link and has experience using other forms of connection.

-Myra is able to record and house on-demand training.  Are you interested in something for your community that is available for longer and at the convenience of your teams complicated schedule?  We can tailor training for them that is on-demand, has opportunity for Q&A and feedback, qualitative and quantitative testing and user friendly.

You will work directly with Myra- simply email her.  She will respond.  This is a very small company and we value customer service.

That is not an easy question to answer.  It depends on the following variables:

-Date of training
-Amount of work required

When you connect with Myra,  a financial conversation will be a part of it.