45 -Hour Victim Advocacy Course
Instructor: Myra Strand (Click here to learn more about Myra)
This course is “drop-in” so you can enter at any time!  When you register, you will receive an email directly from Myra Strand within 72 hours.  You will schedule a time to meet with her via zoom in order to conduct the course orientation (unless you need to use another platform due to zoom limitations). 

After the orientation, you can complete the course on your own time- you have access for one year. The price for this course is $650.00 per person.

What you’ll learn:
The 45- hour victim advocacy course is designed for advocates who are new to victim services and is structured to teach participants human centric, trauma informed and healing centered advocacy skills. Participants will be prepared to work in victim advocacy arenas, such as domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, crisis hotlines, and with state and county governments to assist crime victims in progressing through the criminal justice system and toward successful recovery.

The 45 hour curriculum meets the requirements for the National Advocate Credentialing Program and the Military Advocate Certificate Program pre-service training through the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

-To provide a history of the advocacy movement
-To explore ethics and boundaries
-To provide a deep understanding of crime victims’ rights
-To look at the both the civil and criminal justice systems
-To train advocates to be human-centric, trauma informed
-To explore trauma, complex trauma and other biological response to adverse experiences
-To help advocates explore their own implicit bias and to work through an intersectional lens

-To provide a toolbox dedicated to helping victims transcend trauma

-To inspire a dedication to professional
 wellness both individually and organizationally

There are Nine Learning Modules

NOTE:  Child victimization has been woven into each presentation creating
a continued presence of how to respond to child abuse.

Module One- Being Human:
Case for change, Boundaries and Ethics, Vicarious Trauma, demoralization, burn out, unrealistic expectationsSelf-care (individually, organizationally), Organizational trauma and healing
Deep Crime Dive:  Offenders and Crossover Research
-illustrate crossover
-challenge silos
-third persona
-some people cannot be social worked (in a nice way)
5 hours total

Module Two- The System
Crime Victims’ Rights (Federal and State), Civil System, Criminal System, Victims Compensation
Deep Crime Dive: Death and Notification
-Best practices for death response when it is unclear if there is victimization
5 hours total

Module ThreeImplicit Bias:
Implicit Bias, Confirmation Bias, Applied Intersectionality and Marginalized Communities
Deep Crime Dive: Victimization through an intersectional lens
5 hours total

Module Four-Psychophysiological response to trauma:
Trauma and Complex Trauma
Deep Crime DiveSexual Violence: Assault and Rape
5 hours total

Module Five-
Human Centric. Trauma Informed. Healing Inspired. Transformative:
(Ethics, Confidentiality, Grievance), Elements of Trauma Informed Service Delivery
Thinking Beyond Trauma Informed into Healing, Assets and Transformations.
Deep Crime Dive:  IPV, DV, Dating Violence
5 hours total

Module Six-Being an advocate:
What does it mean, Self-prep and mindset, Empowerment model, “How” to connect with clients
Deep Crime Dives:  Stalking and Technology
5 hours total

Module Seven- Tools of the Trade:
Immediate Response to Crisis, Case management, Long term response to crisis, Safety planning, Lethality Assessment, Informed consent, Breaking it Down, Use of Index Cards, Getting Creative,  Dogs
Deep Crime Dive:  Trafficking
-Forensic Strangulation Exam
5 hours total

Module Eight-After Care:
EMDR, Yoga, Somatic Experience, Organic Intelligence, Ecstasy and other drugs
Crime Type Dive: Sexual Harassment:  it is actually a Crime
5 hours total

Module Nine-Cultivating the advocates complicated voice:
Principled Negotiation Systems AdvocacyCCRT, SART, MDTs, Review Boards
Crime Type Dive: Non-DV and NonSA Assault
 advocate for investigation
5 hours total