Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

☞The body is a beautifully complicated system that can be holistically impacted from a traumatic experience or set of experiences.  Survivors may suffer from physical pain and emotional unrest after experiencing a trigger or as a chronic underpinning of daily activities.  Trauma sensitive yoga can help survivors establish safety and learn how to discharge stress and self-regulate. 


☞Trauma sensitive yoga can be an effective and profound practice that has the possibility of leading to transcendence.   When someone experiences trauma, regardless of the nature of the trauma (victimization, car accident, natural disaster, or vicarious trauma) survivors may consistently suffer from physical pain and/or emotional unrest.  


☞Trauma can leave the body feeling dis-regulated and unsafe.  It can create a disconnect between the soul and the body. The practice of trauma-sensitive yoga can help survivors establish safety and resource their body in a way that feels authentic and manageable- truly unique to their needs.


Meet the instructors:

Jaimie Strand-Valdez

Lead Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor: Jaimie Strand-Valdez
More on Jaimie coming soon!

Myra Strand (image coming soon)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor: Myra Strand
Myra is a brand new yoga instructor!

Our hope, is that this class will be available once per week virtually and for free for anyone who has experienced trauma- including vicarious trauma.

The schedule and link will be posted here!

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