What did they say about us?

“Through their (Strand Squared) great work we are providing victims/survivors with trauma informed care, making a difference in their journey to healing. Amazing work!”

Victim Advocate

“With decades of experience, Strand Squared consultants are highly-trained and highly-regarded professionals. As the field of forensics evolves, they provide important cutting-edge information, support, and guidance to individuals and organizations. It is crucial for professionals to have the tools they need to best collect authentic testimony and perspective from all pertinent persons in a given situation, while minimizing the potential of re-traumatization. Strand Squared is committed to long-term positive change in the interviewing and service provision arenas.”

A fellow Consultant

“A Super organization with a superb message!”

A Detective

“Myra was a great enthusiastic speaker and the slides were interesting. The information and education presented was very informative. This lady knows her stuff. She is a wonderful speaker, Reminds me of Brene Brown”


“I just wanted to thank you (Myra). I did the interview with the intent of helping others  but my experience after the interview has been nothing short of a miracle. I have experienced huge breakthroughs in my healing and my relationships. I’ve been able to speak and share more clearly and it’s creating significant ripples in our family.”

Victim of Domestic Violence

“Myra was very authentic and experienced. Material was relevant—made me think. Loved connections and resources I can use. I liked that she uses real life scenarios. She was funny and smart.”


“Very relatable info to our field and good info for us to hear and be reminded of information that was practical and applicable to my work. She was very easy to understand, enthusiastic and a joy to listen to. I’m so glad I came for it all—Myra was fantastic!!”


“It’s like I’ve held onto all the things that have been said over the years and all the things that have held me back.  Reliving my memories brought out the things I actually felt (during the assault) and helped me feel the true feelings that have held me back.  I feel like I can allow myself to set myself free and to be true and to be out.   I feel like I just woke up to the first day of the rest of my life.  I wish I had been interviewed like that four years ago.  It would have changed the course of my life for the better”. 

~Victim of Sexual Assault speaking about his experience

“The training was vibrant and informative. Didn’t beat around the bush either.”


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