“The term “Institutional Betrayal” refers to wrongdoings perpetrated by an institution upon individuals dependent on that institution, including failure to prevent or respond supportively to wrongdoings by individuals (e.g. sexual assault) committed within the context of the institution.” -Dr. Jennifer Freyd

Technical Assistance Includes:

Transitioning to a more Human Centric, Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired practice through a holistic approach to include:
·Agency assessment and audit
·Staff/ Volunteer and Leadership training
·Strategic planning process to identify path and milestones
·Procedure and Protocol assessment, recommendation, rewriting
·Assisting with 360 staff/volunteer evaluation
·Technical Assistance
·Multi-year support

☞Part of being Human Centric, Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired is to address professional health holistically. Self-Care is essential for the individual staff person, but it is also an agency/organizational ethical responsibility.

☞Organizational trauma is very difficult to identify and mitigate, and can negatively and dramatically impact an organization’s ability to provide compassionate healthy services. We can help you to better mitigate agency culture.

☞External auditing and consultation will help you to establish buy-in towards change. It can be daunting to take on the enormous paradigm shift and changes in practice from “Traditional” towards Human Centric, trauma informed. We can help you!

☞Assisting with Individual Cases:
·Review of ongoing and completed criminal & administrative investigations
·Consult with criminal justice professionals engaged in civil and criminal litigation
·Assist in the cultivation of a trauma responsive services

 ·Sexual Harassment, assault and even rape happens in the workplace, on holiday, during transportation, in recreational settings, in schools, camps… anywhere there are people spending time together.

☞We have experience with major corporations, outdoor recreational groups, transportation companies, and schools- helping them to mitigate their own liability around sexual violence and to create safer more human centric spaces.

☞Non-profit support:
·Trauma responsive strategic planning
·Human Centric leadership while working with trauma (including boards)
·Grant Writing and Planning: local, foundation, state and federal
·Event planning
·Conference planning
·Guerrilla Marketing
·Policy, Protocol, Practice writing
·Fund Raising

☞Non-profit leadership is a hodge podge of day to day responsibilities and can be very difficult. We can help you to develop new skillsets and the ability to do what it takes to be an effective leader.

Providing compassion based, human centric and trauma informed services will decrease secondary victimization and institutional betrayal.

In the era of the #MeToo, it will decrease liability and create opportunity to really make a positive difference.

Finally, it will increase volunteer and staff health. Making it more possible to have a team able to provide compassion based, human centric and trauma informed services.

Pro Bono work:
We place high value on providing pro-bono work. We place an emphasis on helping victims and on tribal communities.

Together we can do better.