Our journey has been an adventure!

Myra and Russell Strand started a version of Strand Squared Solutions in 2017.   They spend a couple of years traveling around and providing training and education together. In September of 2019,  Myra took over as the sole owner of Strand Squared Solutions.

In 2020,  thanks to COVID-19, Russ accepted a position at West Point Military Academy, where he now works exclusively.  We moved from Arizona to New York and it has been an adventure of a lifetime!

2021 was a year of transformations.   The year was spent doing research, cultivating ideas and taking our work to the next level.  Myra became a certified Yoga Instructor and has a renewed commitment to towards professional wellness.

2022 was an amazing year!  It began with a bang and ended with joy!  This was -yet another- huge year of transformation where we moved from providing mostly training to a more balanced approach of training and technical assistance. 

2023 is going to be a new beginning. My key words of the year are “possibly” and “being indomitable”.  This year we will move from providing training on “how to be more trauma informed” to “how stand a trauma informed foundation while centering on healing”.  Our goal is to help people find post traumatic growth. This change in  direction is really taking me to new places.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.