We aim to address trauma-

We strive and work towards:

Our Mission: is to dramatically shift the cultural paradigm in order to improve society’s response to individuals who have experienced trauma, victimization and other complex experiences.

We Envision: A Human Centric (or trauma informed) Response to all incidents of high stress and trauma.  A response that empowers individuals and families while embracing compassion, respect and dignity of all people.

Our beliefs, values and guiding principles

Strand² Squared LLC appreciates the diversity of our community and does not discriminate based on political affiliation, occupation, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, sexual history, nation status or origin, race, class, age, ability, height, weight, primary language, legal history, education or HIV or other health status. Our goal is to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

The possibility that we can change the world for people
who have experienced victimization exists- one way towards that dream is through more effective advocacy.

Please join us in our quest to do better!