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45 Hour Crime Victim Advocacy Course

Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired Leadership

Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

Ethics for professionals who serve victims

Are you organizing a training event for your team or your community?  Here are some of the topics we can offer.

Given enough time for research, we can tailor a training to meet your needs because each community has different characteristics and different needs. We are dedicated to partnering with you to meet those needs.

We also place a high priority on providing human centric, trauma informed, and healing centered services- thus customer service is very important to us.  We are your partners!❤️

All of our presentations can be:
☞90 minutes (for a broad stroke, to plant seeds or for inspiration)
☞3.5 hours (for a more solid understanding)
☞6.5 hours (for a more working understanding)
☞8+ hours (for a deep dive and comprehensive understanding)
☞We also offer full courses (20-45 hours)


Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired Response and Care

Trauma Informed, Healing Inspired Leadership

From Trauma to Transcendence: Embracing Post Traumatic Growth

The Controlled Burn: From Self-Regulation to Co-Regulation to De-Escalation to Conflict Resolution

Implicit Bias, The Brain and Applied Intersectionality

How to "apply intersectionality"

Applied Intersectionality through case study

Sexual Harassment to Sexual Assault: Sometimes the Line is to Fine to See

Holistic Health and Professional Wellness

Organizational Trauma and Toxic Work Environments

Psychophysiological Response to Crisis and Trauma on Body and Brain

If only we could: Learning how to work with people living with complex trauma

New Case Management Training Coming Soon

Advocacy and Case Management: the Tangible Skills

#Men too: Male Victimization

Ethics for Professionals who Serve Victims of Crisis and Trauma

Exploring the Dark Side of Porn

Online Gaming and Victimization

Stalking and its relationship to Intimate Partner Violence

Cracking the Silos: The Relationship Between Domestic and Sexual Violence

Online Dating: The World, it is A Changing

Culture Change – Building a World that Doesn’t Exist

Incarceration and Compassion: Being Human Behind Bars

Understanding Predatory Behavior

Trauma Informed Death Notification

Authentic Human Connection – The Key to Stemming the Tide of Human Suffering

Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

CCRTs, SARTs, Fatality Review Teams, MDTs: There is great value in this type of work!

We have experience working with:

-DoD: All branches of Military
-Colleges and Universities
-Community and Systems Advocacy Organizations
-Jails and Prisons
-Probation and Parole
-Law Enforcement
-Medical Professionals
-Church Groups
-Outdoor Adventure Groups
-Small, Medium and Large Corporations

We will meet you where you are at and tailor training to your unique community.