There are so many people, agencies and organizations that provide powerful training and technical assistance in this field. We want to share those resources for you. It is going to take a lot of different people with a wide variety of perspective to change the world.

The Difference Makers (10 Strong) community of practice professionals are a powerful collaboration made up of amazing and cutting edge presenters who are not only nationally recognized trainers/presenters but each have the ability to lead conversations with their own respective organizations. Each of them have extensive knowledge and expertise in various forms of violence, some of which have more than one focus area.  They are the true model of how we should all aim to work together. 

Russell Strand is unconditionally dedicated, after over four decades of experience, to continuing his work to build a world that doesn’t currently exist. He envisions a world in which every victim of abuse and trauma has confidence in their experience.  A world in which all professionals responding to trauma and abuse are properly educated and feel confident in all they do.

Are you seeking a dynamic, cutting-edge trainer who can inspire your community to consider a more human-centric lens?  

Russell Strand is a dynamic, internationally recognized criminal justice expert.  


A commitment to achieving potential – through consulting, training, and coaching. 

Find Your North (FYN) Global is a small business with big ideas supporting organizations, teams, and growth-focused leaders who have a vision and mission to transform lives. CEO Elizabeth Scaife is dedicated to reducing barriers and creating pathways out of  poverty, vulnerability, and exploitation for marginalized populations. With a focus on coaching, consulting, and technical assistance, FYN Global identifies solutions to advance each client’s cause and builds customized strategies to ensure their sustainability, scalability, and impact for years to come. FYN Global has extensive expertise in human trafficking, nonprofit advancement, and strategic planning.

The Forensic Center of Excellence™ is a 24/7 victim service center offering a variety of services, including medical forensic exams, advocacy, adult forensic interviews and legal support.

TXFNE™, our medical forensic nursing service for The Forensic Center of Excellence™, provides medical forensic exams 24 hours a day for victims of sexual assault of all ages, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and child abuse and elder maltreatment.

Girls Fight Back is the world-renowned personal safety, violence prevention, and empowerment based self-defense company for women, girls, and people of all gender identities worldwide since 2001! They offer a full catalog of inclusive training programs to address the needs of a wide range of communities and organizations. Topics include: boundary setting, intuition, situational awareness, de-escalation, bystander intervention, verbal skills, outdoor safety, and simple physical strategies. 
Nicole Snell, the CEO of Girls Fight Back, is an award winning international speaker, trainer, and self-defense expert. She’s the founder of Outdoor Defense and actively works to help solo outdoor enthusiasts adventure with more confidence and less fear. 
Nicole is dedicated to empowering people with simple, practical, and evidence-based violence prevention skills to live without limits! 

The Institute for Coordinated Community Response is a free, year-long training and technical assistance program available to teams from rural Texas counties—made up of a law enforcement officer, a prosecutor, and a community advocate—who are motivated to improve their systemic response to domestic violence.


Justice 3D is dedicated to providing advanced-level training and consulting for allied professionals who investigate and respond to violent crimes.

Justice 3D stands for the importance of integrating the three dimensions of investigation, prosecution and advocacy.  

The National Institute for Law and Justice’s primary mission is to provide investigative support—at no cost—for victims and their families, enabling them to present their individual cases for expert review by decorated retired NYPD homicide detectives and a network of forensic and investigation specialists. This includes current and cold MMIR cases, ensuring justice and closure are achievable for all, irrespective of financial barriers.


30 years of experience:
in the field of violence against women

Acclaimed speaker, consultant and trainer:
in the U.S. and internationally

Well-known authority on domestic violence:
and related post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Wynn Consulting offers a wide range of training and technical assistance services on child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and intervention to first responders, advocates, clinicians and other professionals. We provide training services to police executives, patrol officers, training officers, prosecutors, judges, legislators, social service providers, healthcare professionals and victim advocates.

Founded in 1975, NOVA is the oldest national victim assistance organization of its type in the United States and is the recognized leader in victim advocacy, education and credentialing.

Respect Outside works to harness the reverence and trust integral to the outdoors and bring it into the workplace through comprehensive harassment-prevention trainings. 

RESPOND is a multidisciplinary think tank seeking to generate sustainable change in our society’s collective response to violence and trauma.


Anna is an international speaker, writer, podcaster, and designer. She is an authority on addressing stalking, sexual assault, suicide prevention, bystander intervention, navigating the criminal justice system, empathy, believability, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, and works to educate people on victim-centered practices. 

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