The following testimonials are pulled from course evaluations.

"This training hit all the right points and showed ethics from a different perspective. It's easy enough for us to say "ethics is ethics and they don't change". I think that makes it easier for those able to build training to say "well how do we make ethics training new and refreshed?" Well, you just did ... Even as a seasoned advocate, I kind of felt like I was having an ethics course for the first time. Translation - I learned a lot and RE learned a lot! "
Training Participant
Ethics for Professionals who serve people who are in crisis or live with trauma
"The topic of grief is so very sensitive and important and this training taught me how to be gentle when approaching such a topic. The speaker is also wonderful."
Training Participant
Trauma Informed Death Notification
"I could use one word, Amazing! but I am not going to stop there. This course touched on many important topics that a Victim Advocate working in the filed will eventually see. The information is important and useful. The assignments help Victim Advocates to grow and understand the importance of their job. Most importantly the feedback that I received from the instructor was great."
Training Participant
45 hour crime victims advocate course
“The course is a challenging course, that allows you an opportunity to reflect on the leader you are and plan to use tools to become the leaders you always wanted to be, and that is needed during this era of our shared lives together.”
Training Particpant
Trauma Informed Healing Inspired Leadership Course
“Myra was very authentic and experienced. Material was relevant—made me think. Loved connections and resources I can use. I liked that she uses real life scenarios. She was funny and smart.”
Training Participant
Trauma Informed Healing Inspired Response and Care
“The passion you have for your work really resonates through your presentation and greatly impacts the participants – you found your calling and it shows! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.”
Training Participant
#Men Too: Male Victimization
“The training was vibrant and informative. They didn’t beat around the bush either.”
Training Participant
Implicit Bias, The Brain and Applied Intersectionality
“This course absolutely went above and beyond to ensure that Victim Advocates are prepared to work with victims. The webinars, assignments, readings, and feedback impacted how I will move forward when working with victims. I will definitely recommend this course to new victim advocates”.
Training Participant
45 Hour Crime Victims Advocates Course