Trauma Sensitive yoga for conferences

When planning a conference, either virtually or in person, the goal is to produce an event that leaves your conference participants with warm memories from the event (so that they will come back next year!).We really love trauma sensitive yoga for its ability to inspire self love, post traumatic growth and to deepen the ability to navigate and mitigate trauma echos or triggers.

These sessions can be offered early morning, in the evening or even mid-day as a break.   They can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes long. All of our courses are trauma sensitive:

We can offer:
Hatha Flow
Gentle Hatha Flow
Yin Yoga
Chair Yoga
Guided Meditation
Walking with mindfulness
Yogas built on a theme or idea (gratitude, healing, grounding, self-love….)



We have a training presentation called “Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga” to articulate the value of trauma sensitive yoga intellectually.

Objectives of the course:
-articulate the impact yoga has on post traumatic growth
-discuss the 8 limbs of yoga
-to define the elements of a trauma sensitive yoga class
-to offer some poses that can be done anywhere and serve as “on the spot coping”
-to connect the dots between yoga, meditation, mindfulness and being able to deliver trauma informed client services

You don’t have to choose one or the other.  You can have both! 

Have us provide yoga sessions and deliver training.

In fact this is the best option because the research supports that trauma sensitive yoga can support the post traumatic growth process.  We want first responders to be able to develop the tools they need in order to mitigate their own vicarious trauma in healthy way in order to fully embrace professional wellness.  For some,  they need to understand the “why” before doing…


Would you like to bring Myra to your conference to provide regular trauma sensitive yoga sessions with your guests?  She is happy to travel.  

Is you conference virtual?  No problem.  Myra can lead virtual trauma sensitive yoga classes via zoom (or other similar platform).